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Help Ukrainian children survive the war 

What greater pain could mortals have than this: To see their children dead before their eyes? - Euripides



Děti Ukrajiny is a charitable foundation based in Prague, Czech Republic. Its goal is to help Ukrainian children and mothers fleeing the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We helped create special classes for children, in which lessons are taught according to the Ukrainian curriculum. This allows students to complete the school year in the Czech Republic and to not have to repeat it after returning home to Ukraine.


We are currently planning other aid projects for Ukraine - the Project for educating children in Ukraine and the Food crisis Project, which we would like to implement in the war-torn territory of Ukraine.


Ethical Codex



In order to continue offering families who have been forced to evacuate their homes by the conflict in Ukraine aid, we need your assistance.


Education Crisis

We believe that children are the future of any country, and they are often forgotten during war. This inspired us to aid them in continuing their education, and helping to keep a sense of normality and comfort.


Hunger Crisis

Due to the war Ukraine will be affected by their worst food crisis in decades, putting millions of children's lives in danger. Malnutrition is one of the worst killers of young children around the world. 


Ukrainian Embroidery project

Carried out in cooperation with the NFDU and the public organisation «ФЕШН.ЮА». A unique project in the world Ukrainian Virtual Museum. Attended by Ukrainians who were forced to hide in their shelters during the bombing; and began embroidering according to old Ukrainian embroideries from all over Ukraine. Online sales are being prepared.



Our Partners

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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic

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Charles University Educational Faculty

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Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic

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